Maribel - Ecuador

Maribel has over 18 years of experience teaching expat children and adults at all levels back in her native Ecuador, and here in Canada she has worked as a private tutor for travelers, college students and professionals. She has a B.A. in Education and a Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, both from Quito Ecuador. In her free time, she loves to work with chocolate and even has a Certificate in Professional Chocolatier from George Brown College. Maribel’s teaching style is very active and engaging and is best suited for those who want to learn at a steady but fun pace.

Madalena - Portugal

With three years of experience teaching children, Madalena hails from mainland Portugal. She loves to focus her teaching in the practical applications of the language and on the Portuguese culture. Madalena loves reading and traveling, having lived in Brazil, India and in the Portuguese colonies such as Angola and Mozambique. 

Monica - Guatemala

With a bachelor's degree in Special Education Teaching and seven years of experience, Monica has been able to hit the ground running in a short period of time, due to her intuition and ability to connect to students, especially with with those who speak French, a language which she also speaks. In her free time, she likes to make crafts. 

Lourdes - Mexico

Lourdes started her career teaching children over 20 years ago, after getting her teaching degree in her native Mexico, and has been unstoppable ever since. She is experienced at identifying individual learning needs and at helping those students that require extra help. Lourdes has extensive experience teaching both in Canada and Mexico to children and adults. Because of this she is super creative and has an amazing portfolio of skills under her sleeve that keep the kids engaged and happy.

Mariana - Mexico

Mariana has ten years of experience teaching a variety of subjects, like Spanish and Philosophy, to children, teenagers and adults. With a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Postgraduate Certificate in Middle-Higher Education, she has worked in multiple social enterprises in various capacities. Here in Canada, Mariana has proven herself to be a great asset to the community by teaching sewing skills to seniors. She recently finished her Certification to Teach Spanish as a Foreign Language, awarded by ELE International.

Zuly - Costa Rica

Zuly has over 20 years of experience in the education sector and a bachelor's in Education. She has a successful track record in teaching children with autism, Down syndrome, as well as children with behavioural and developmental challenges. Zuly loves to develop her many skills, amongst them sign language and playing the flute.