Spanish learning questions and answers

Frequent questions about classes...

What level should I sign up for?

Are you able to carry a conversation in at least the present, past and future tenses? Then you can sign up for the Intermediate class. Still not sure? Contact us, and we will send you a free assessment, or schedule a 15 minute conversation over the phone.

What is your cancellation policy?

For private classes: 24 hour notice for adults, 10 am same day for children. So, when  you cancel your attendance with notice, your payment will then be credited to the next class.

For group classes: no credit for cancelling, but we can book a max of 2 make up classes of 30 minutes each on a different day to keep you up to date (pending room and teacher availability).

For online classes: Please join the class 2-5 minutes before the class starts, to ensure the microphone and video are working. No credit for cancelling if your connection drops and you are unable to re-connect, but we can give you additional homework.

Do we need to wear a mask? 

Yes, all students are required to wear a mask to enter our school. If the student shows up without a mask, we reserve the right to refuse entrance to the school with no credit for class cancellation.

Can we start anytime?

You can start your private classes at any time.

I want to join a class that already started, what can I do?

To catch up to a group class after it starts, you can either book one or more private tutoring sessions ($37 per session) or study on your own & do all the homework assigned up until that point (no charge for the homework!). Out of respect to the other students, we will not revisit learning from past weeks, unless it is requested by the entire group.

Do you follow a book? Do I have to buy it?

We do use the "Living Language Spanish" book for exercises, that is until we finalize our own workbook! You are more than welcome to purchase it at the store.